Hospitality Desk Holland

Imagine this: you’re coming to Holland for three days and you want to be picked up from the airport by a limo. You want to be brought to a five star hotel, after which you would like to go shopping – without the children but with a personal assistant. For the next two days you would like to relax during a classical concert, see a football match in the Amsterdam Arena, take the kids to Walibi and dine in the best reputed restaurants the country has to offer.

Impossible? Think again.

Hospitality Desk Holland is dedicated to providing extra service and more possibilities when it comes to all the holiday and business activities in The Netherlands. Most of all, we will fit your visit to every possible need you may have. This entails all the well-known – and in particular – the lesser known parts of Holland.

You will be able to see The Netherlands in all its beauty and splendour. From the hidden treasures in the big cities and the fur seal islands in the north, to the Lime Stone Caves in the south, the “Delta Werken” in the west and the “Hunnebedden” in the east. And in between be amazed by castles, medieval towns and lesser known museums.

We are dedicated to provide our customers with ultimate satisfaction, by offering a large range of possibilities, whether it be personal, cultural, luxurious, elegant, educational or relaxing.

By giving your visit a personal touch and avoiding the well-known tourist traps, we will surpass any standardised holiday available. We guarantee a sparkling and lively stay and the ultimate souvenir: a sense of satisfaction.

Is your visit more business oriented? You can now contact Hospitality Corporate Concierge, your personal & corporate concierge service, assistant and lifestyle management team.

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